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Pick One don’t write two offers.

Recently a seller and I were beyond excited to receive a great offer on a property! It had only been on the market for two days! We were thrilled at the quick response and were ready to get the property under contract! After reviewing the offer with the seller, the seller decided to agree to […]

Part 107 Pilot Certificate

I am happy to announce that I have complete my Part 107 Pilot Certificate! This is a Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Regulations License! In order to obtain the license I had to complete an online course, take an FAA test at an FAA testing center, and pass a background check done by the FAA! […]

Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource Certification

With the Real Estate market starting to change, I took the opportunity to continue my education and brushed up on my Short Sale and Foreclosure knowledge! I recently received my Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource Certification! I have personally purchased a short sale property (2015- Crestview, Florida) and a foreclosure property(2020- Milton, Florida). With the […]

Autumn Homeowner Quick Tips/ Checklist

1) Clean your Gutters- as we it starts to change seasons and get a little colder outside, more leaves will begin to fall. This is a great time to get a jump start on cleaning out. your gutters and prepping them for the possibility of more leaves! 2) Check your smoke detectors- It is always […]