Pick One don’t write two offers.

Recently a seller and I were beyond excited to receive a great offer on a property! It had only been on the market for two days! We were thrilled at the quick response and were ready to get the property under contract! After reviewing the offer with the seller, the seller decided to agree to the offer exactly as the buyer had presented it. I quickly converted the contract to have seller signatures and sent it to him for an e-sign. With in minutes we were officially we were under contract!

I then called the buyers agent to inform them of our now legally binding contract, just to be told that the agent had sent out multiple offers and two had been accepted. Unfortunately they wanted to stick with the other offer. It is bad business to write more than one offer, especially without informing the listing agents. In this situation, I had to call my seller and inform him of our options. quickly typed up a contract cancellation and requested the buyers sign it immediately as we needed to proceed with our listing.