Autumn Homeowner Quick Tips/ Checklist

1) Clean your Gutters- as we it starts to change seasons and get a little colder outside, more leaves will begin to fall. This is a great time to get a jump start on cleaning out. your gutters and prepping them for the possibility of more leaves!

2) Check your smoke detectors- It is always a great time to make sure your smoke detectors are up and running! I try to check ours a few times a year.

3) Have your Chimney cleaned and inspected- as fall approaches along comes pumpkins spices, flannel jackets and of course an amazing night time fireplace fire! Make sure to have yours inspected and cleaned for a safe winter of warmth!

4) Have your heating equipment checked-  One of the worst things is to go with out AC or Heat in your home. Make sure your Heater is running at its best before the colder months arrive.

5) Trim your trees- a falling tree limb can be very dangerous, plus trees will shed their leaves soon. Get a jump start on leave clean up and protect your home by trimming your trees.

6) Change the way your fans rotate- Fans should run clockwise during the winter. This helps pull the warmer air back downward.